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Legal Steroids

legal steroids

Exogenous (External) Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS)

These are synthetic derivatives that mimic the natural male hormone testosterone and are introduced into the body externally. They were formulated in late 1930’s to treat hypogonadism or similar conditions but were found to have a wider range of potential benefits. In recent times have become more widely associated with bodybuilding and stimulating an anabolic state in order to maximise muscle growth or athletic performance.

Available scientific research shows once anabolic steroids are administered the production of the enzyme RNA polymerase is elevated – encouraging two biochemical reactions (protein synthesis & phosphate synthesis) – promoting the maintenance of muscle tropism and encouraging lean muscle growth and strength. The anabolic steroid furthermore blocks the effect that hormone cortisol has on muscle tissue – elevated levels of cortisol can lead to muscle wasting and proteolysis (the breakdown of proteins into smaller polypeptides) – allowing existing muscle tissue is broken down at a much slower rate.

Anabolic steroid users most commonly report increased aggression and feelings of invincibility – although it is difficult to prove a true connection between increased aggression and steroid use. What is generally widely acknowledged is that steroid use comes at a price, and a very serious one too, and this is not to mention the fact that the vast majority of steroids available on the black market are under-dosed, uncontrolled and because of this in the vast majority of cases simple don’t any active components whatsoever!

Adverse side effects from steroid use have been extensively scientifically studied and proven. It can include hypertension, cholesterol problems, acne, baldness, hepatotoxicity (liver damage), sexual impotence/infertility, gynecomastia and a range of other issues. Anabolic steroids are particularly dangerous to the developing bodies of young adults or adolescents.

Proven Power of Sports Supplements – Legal Steroids ?

A lot of sports nutrition companies like to advertise themselves as having formulated products which are essentially “legal steroids” – but how true can this actually be or is it simply the same old marketing hype?

Scientific literature regarding the use of sports supplements is rapidly increasing, and generally the findings tend to show that massive improvements can be made to the human body with minimal or no risks, or legal repercussions, essentially earning some weight to the term of legal steroids.

The scientifically proven benefits of creatine for example has been documented in multiple studies and publications. Taking the proven foundation of creatine and building on this to produce one of the most advanced 10-blend creatine products currently on the market, Nutracell Labs Decabolic Creatine has won critical acclaim amongst many athletes and has pushed the boundaries in what was previously thought possible from sports supplements. By ensuring that quality is integral every step of the way, from formulation to manufacturing, Nutracell Labs have taken the task of producing the world’s best creatine very seriously indeed. Can you find a stronger, more advanced creatine that produces such mind blowing results as Decabolic Creatine? We highly doubt it!

Then we have Testo Extreme Anabolic which was formulated with the initial simple goal of matching the intensity of well known anabolics as much as possible, to become a legal steroid. By drawing on leading nutraceutical science research and further independent research by Nutracell Labs– all expectations were excelled. Massive muscle growth can be achieved in a healthy way without any of the side effects. Essentially this “natural anabolic steroid” helps your body to naturally maximise its own hormones and thereby achieving fantastic – and sustainable – results! What’s so amazing is that Testo Extreme Anabolic is completely harmless to the body and it is quite revolutionary in that a product of this strength does not require and PCT (post cycle therapy) as testosterone levels have been shown to be naturally elevated for a sustained period of time post cycle.

There is no longer any need to use controlled anabolic androgenic steroids to obtain huge muscle mass since this can now be achieved in a safe and more effective route.

At Nutracell Labs, we have earnt our reputation by providing great customer service and quality products. Take up our results guarantee and try our fantastic range of advanced nutraceuticals for the modern athlete and bodybuilder today!

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