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Decabolic Creatine – how does it work?

Decabolic Creatine

The body’s natural energy source used to power all muscle contraction and physical activity comes from the conversion of high energy compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to lower energy adenosine diphosphate (ADP). The vast power of ATP comes from its three metabolic energy pathways; acerbic system, phosphagen system and glycolysis. However ATP muscle fibres only contain small quantities and is replenished at a slow rate.

The natural replenishing process of ATP is a circular process – ATP is converted into ADP and P (inorganic phosphate) and then when ADP and P combine they form ATP. However muscle fibres that contain high-energy compound creatine phosphate use this to replenish more ATP and supply the energy needs of those undertaking intense activities at a very high rate. How?

The body can naturally regenerate ATP at a low rate – when your body oxidizes carbs, protein or fat it does this to produce ATP. The energy released in the oxidization of carbs, proteins and fats initiates a complex chain of chemical reactions that ultimately generate ATP molecules. However those whom are wanting to fuel short term intense actives such as weight lifting – a large amount of power is needed by the muscles for rigorous exercise.

Decabolic Creatine

Athletes and body builders alike who turn to our products deserve only the best and Decabolic Creatine has been formulated specifically to meet the needs of all.  In our opinion one of the most complete and comprehensive creatine formulations around. We do not say this lightly, as Decabolic Creatine contains no less than 10 of the most scientifically praised creatine forms in a unique synergistic blend contained in every single capsule!

After decabolic creatine is ingested it will first bind with a phosphate molecule (PO4 – one phosphorus atom and four oxygen atoms) which is exchanged between phosphate donors and phosphate acceptors in the cell.  Once bound they form creatine phosphate (PCr), a quick source of energy for muscle fibres to contract when they need an intense burst of energy.

Additional benefits of decabolic creatine include, decabolic creatine itself is a fuel source. While helping to generate high powered ATP your body will also use your creatine phosphate stores. When using decabolic creatine your creatine phosphate stores will increase – giving you even more power for your workouts.

Don’t take our word for it – try Decabolic Creatine today and see why countless athletes have vowed to never turn back to traditional creatine formulations!

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