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Decabolic Creatine and the Human Body


Creatine is endogenous, a substance that originates from within the body and is present in every human cell. Synthesized from the following amino acids; methionine, arginine and glycine – creatine is produced in small quantities within the liver, kidneys and pancreas (~1g). Approximately 50% of the natural production of creatine originates from consumed food and is naturally found in foods such as meat and fish.

Creatine‘s focal function is to be an energy store, which is essential for physical and mental exertion. 95% of the body’s creatine content is carried to all cells in the body by means of a sodium-dependent creatine transporter. Distributed to all processes that require energy, larger amounts are delivered to nerve cells, the brain and muscles – all of which carry out processes that require masses of energy.

Decabolic Creatine’s advanced energy yielding benefits meet the desires of athletes from a wide variety of sports who require a supplement to meet the high intensity muscle contraction requirements from the most demanding exercise and interval training. Acting as an energy buffer, Decabolic Creatine complex once consumed is converted into phosphocreatine – a powerful metabolite used to regenerate the body’s primary energy source, while protecting and regenerating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) concentrations.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a limited energy releasing substance made of three phosphate groups, a nitrogen base (adenine) and ribose sugar. The bond between the phosphates is the key to ATP’s energy storage potential and creates a high energy bond, which is used by all of the cells in the body. ATP cannot naturally be regenerated fast enough to meet the demands of rigorous exercise regimes and will only last for a few seconds – Fortunately Decabolic Creatine can meet this challenge.

Decabolic Creatine produces enough phosphocreatine to keep ATP levels elevated for longer, as there is a vastly increased amount of creatine in skeletal muscular tissue. This increased amount of creatine is available for immediate muscular work – therefore enhancing exercise performance and recovery to previously unreached levels.  The bigger the store of Decabolic creatine in skeletal muscular tissue the bigger the increase in muscular recovery/effort, power and performance.

Decabolic Creatine is without question one of the strongest Creatine supplements ever conceived. Its unique formulation contains no less than 10 forms of the most sophisticated Creatine compounds worldwide. Try it today to find out why athletes are breaking plateaus they never previously considered possible with any other Creatine product!

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